Day 54- Weekends over


I’m sad it’s already Sunday. The weekends go by so fast this semester for some reason. I woke up pretty early. Usually after my husband leaves for work in the morning I can’t get back to sleep.

I went to church this morning then over to my moms for a game day and BBQ. I cheated today.  I had Cole slaw and macaroni salad. I needed it today though. I’m ready and not ready for this week. After this week is finals week and graduation. Then I have a month break until my summer classes.

For breakfast I had a turkey, bacon, hard boiled egg salad with blue cheese dressing. 5g carbs.
For lunch I had a turkey, ham, Parmesan salad with ranch dressing. 8g carbs. I didn’t add in the Cole slaw or macaroni salad.
For dinner I had chicken drumsticks and broccoli. 2g carbs.
Total carbs 15g carbs. (minus the cheat stuff which I know put me over)

I drank 80oz today

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