Day 52- Temptation is gone!


It’s finally Friday! I slept great last night. My allergies nay be acting up but I didn’t let that ruin my day. Even through my stuffy nose and breathing through my mouth I had a pretty good day!

Today was my very last day with my practicum class. I can’t believe I’m already done! Since it’s my last day I decided to bring cupcake for the kids this afternoon. There was one left over and I wasn’t even tempted to eat it. Huge change for me! It was hard saying bye to my practicum kids. They gave me hugs and asked if I could stay longer but I can’t. I can’t wait to have my own class!

I didn’t have breakfast. I decided to sleep in a bit.
For lunch I had a turkey and bacon salad and terriyaki beef jerky. 11g carbs.
For a snack I had scrambled eggs. 1g carbs.
For dinner we had turkey chops and steamed okra. 5g carbs.
Total carbs for the day 17g carbs.
Total calories of the day 1085.
Under both of goals for the day.

I have only drank 60oz as of now but I will get to my goal before tonight is over with.

I weighed myself this morning because Friday’s are my Facebook groups weigh in day. I lost a little bit more weight since yesterday. That what I love about this diet. You never know what to expect when you wake up each day. You could lose one or two pounds or stay the same. You could always gain too but that hasn’t happened since my anniversary.
There is no way that it’s will take me 2 weeks to lose the rest of my weight to reason 32lbs lost!  I could not be happier.


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