Day 46- Busy Saturday!


Today was a busy day. I had a ton of errands to run. I love Saturdays but they go by way too quick. I did so much running around and waiting in line today it’s not even funny. Im really tired though because I woke up really early and couldn’t get back to sleep. Hopefully it means I will sleep pretty good tonight.

I skipped breakfast because I needed to go grocery shopping.
For lunch I had a double chicken salad from subway with banana peppers, olives,  green peppers, and ranch dressing. 9g carbs.
For dinner we had chicken Taco bowls. Mine had shredded chicken, lettuce, guacamole, and hot sauce. 2.9g carbs.
Total carbs for the day 11.9g.
Total calories for the day 1763.
Under both of my carb goal but not my calorie goal. I may change my calorie goal to under 2000 instead since I’m still losing weight

I have only drank 42oz today since I’ve been running around doing errands all day. I’m going to try and get close to 120oz before I go to bed tonight.

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