Day 40- Sunday!


Finally Sunday! I got to sleep in today which was nice since I had to wake up really early yesterday.
I got all my homework done yesterday that way I won’t have to do anything today. I can just relax. I will also be stressed because I know Monday will be the start of a stressful week!

After going to church today we  had a BBQ at my moms house. Since it was a family BBQ I stayed under my carbs for the day but not my calories.

I skipped breakfast today.
For a snack I had some eggs and buffalo dip. 8.4g carbs.
For lunch I had 4 burgers with pickles, tomatos, and mustard. 5.3g carbs.
Total carbs for the day 19.7g carbs.
Total calories for the day 2226.

I didn’t drink too much water today. I only drank about 74oz so far. I’m going to try and get to 120 before I go to bed tonight.

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