Day 36-Looking different


I did not wake up in a good mood today. Saturday I weighed myself and I was down past the 20lbs weight loss mark. I decided to weight myself a day early and I gained 3lbs back. I just don’t understand sometimes. I have not had a cheat and I’ve been drinking a lot more water.  I just don’t understand why I put 3lbs back on. Well I’ve decided I’m going back to the gym. I have gone in a few weeks. I’m not even sure why I stopped going.

After class I went to the gym. I took progress pictures and I finally realized that I look thinner. Not much but enough to tell! I know I will be able to lose that 3lbs again. My motivation has gone way up now! I will put pictures at the bottom of this blog.

I went on the elliptical for 15 minutes. I went a mile and burn 196 calories. I also did leg weights today.

After the gym I had to go do some hours at my practicum class. I only have to go 9 more days for 3 hours and I will be done!

I didn’t eat breakfast again today. After weighing myself I lost my appetite.
I wasn’t hungry for lunch either.
For a snack I had pork rinds with blue cheese dressing and some ham slices. 8.0g carbs.
For dinner I had a ham omelette. 1.7g carbs.
Total for the day was 9.7g carbs. A little less than half of my goal.

I tried really hard to make my water goal again today. By 12 I was already half way there. So far I am at 138oz. I will hopefully get to my goal before I go to bed tonight.




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