Day 34- Low carb is life changing!


Mondays are super busy for me. I have classes throughout the day and it’s the day I get caught up on homework. Lately seems like I will never get it caught up.

I feel great today. I woke up early like I always do in an amazing mood and I feel energized! I think since I’ve lost weight I can actually sleep better at night instead of tossing and turning all night. I had class all day today and I was in a good mood all day!

For breakfast I had scramble eggs with guacamole. 5.8g carbs.
For lunch I had left over chicken cordon blue from last night. I put a little bit of Dijon mustard on top! 0g carbs.
For dinner we had low carb Philly cheese steak. Mine had a bell pepper bowl, roast beef, and a little bit of onions and garlic. It was so good! 15.1g carbs.
Total I had 20.9g carbs. I was right at my goal today.

I only drank 98oz of water so far. I’m going to try and get to 120oz before I go to bed tonight. I definitely don’t want to retain water this week.

I’m hoping the scale will be nice to me on Thursday day. I’m so excited to see the numbers each week go down. There have only been two weeks since I started that I have not lost weight and that’s huge for me. I know I say this a lot but I am so happy I found this way of eating (WOE) because it has changed my life. I have hope that I will reach my 100lbs goal by this time next year!

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