Day 33- where did the weekend go?


I slept in a little later then usual today.  I got up about 7:30. I’m not looking forward to this week. It shouldn’t be as stressful as last week but still pretty hectic since its the end of the semester. I’m also helping to finish paint my nephews room. We still have a lot to do so hopefully we can get it done today!

This morning I got my clothes straight out of the dryer. They are usually tighter until they get stretched out a little bit. But this morning I was able to put them on and they fit! No stretching out required. Definitely my NSV of the day!

For breakfast I wasnt really hungry. I don’t know if it’s OK to skip meals on this diet or not. I really don’t have an appetite much lately which is very weird for me.
For lunch I had salad that had bacon bits, ham, and hard boiled egg. With blue cheese dressing. I also had some plain humus. Yum! 17g carbs.
For dinner we had low carb chicken cordon blue! 0g carbs because I didn’t have cheese on mine.

I drank 120oz of water today. I should have drank more since I’m starting to get leg cramps again. I will have to drink more tomorrow!

I’m still limiting my dairy intake this week because it seems to be helping. The most dairy I have had has been blue cheese dressing on salads. I’m not completely miserable without eating cheese on anything!


3 thoughts on “Day 33- where did the weekend go?

  1. As a low carber it is very common to only have one meal for the day. Because of the healthy fats that you are eating, the way the body works, it’s just not hungry – which is exactly what you are looking for when in keto. So you’re on track! In regards to the muscle cramps, pop some magnesium and that will be fixed 🙂

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