Day 30- NSV!/ 84lbs to go!


I cannot believe it had already been 30 days since I started! So much has changed, not only on the scale but my clothes are fitting better and I wake up every morning feeling better about myself. I’m living a healthier life small steps at a time. I will no longer let my weight control my life. I have a goal to lose 250lbs. I  know I will get where I want to be I just have to keep working everyday and visualizing the end result! Everyday I wake up and do this diet and lifestyle is an NSV (non-scale victory) for me, even though seeing the numbers on the scale drop each week doesn’t hurt!

I got in the scale this morning and I’m down three pounds from last week! That makes 16lbs for the month! Limiting my dairy intake has definitely gotten me out of the stall that I was in. 16lbs does not seem like a lot but it is the most I have ever lost on any kind of diet before. This is so exciting I cannot wait to see how much I lose next month!

I was in a really big rush this morning so I did not eat breakfast.
For lunch I had a couple scrambled eggs and a salad. 12.6g carbs
For dinner we had chicken breasts wrapped in bacon..3g carbs.
Total carbs for the day were 12.9g carbs.

I didn’t drink much water today.  I only drank 80oz but I’m going to drink more after I post this!


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