Day 29- Clothes fitting better!


I weighed myself this morning. It’s a day early but I’m very happy with what the scale said! I’m going to wait until tomorrow to put it in a blog though. Also my husband lost 4lbs this week! I’ve noticed his face getting slimmer but men don’t want to hear that of course.
I’m happy this is working for the both of us!

I was so excited this morning I put on shirts that are usually too tight to wear and they were looser and fit like they are supposed to!  I’m so happy that I found this diet!  I was skeptical at first but now I’m happy I started it! Today was definitely a NSV!

I forgot breakfast this morning. I don’t know why but this diet has made me lose my appetite. I have never in my life forgot to eat until I started this diet.
For lunch I had a grilled chicken salad with jalapenos and blue cheese dressing. 9.2g carbs.
For dinner I had an omelette. 6.4g carbs.
Total for the day is 15.6g carbs!

I had 120oz of water today. I hope it enough to not retain water.  I really hope the scale is the same or less then it was today!


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