Day 28


I woke up really early to get everything ready to teach my lesson today! I’m very excited to say that the lesson turned out amazing. The kids were learning and I think they had fun with it too! Best day I have had in a classroom.  I have to do it all again on Thursday.

One thing I had to do with my lesson today is record myself and I have to watch it. I absolutely hate that part because I still hate the way I look. I know I am making progress but it’s still not enough.  I just want to be comfortable with the way I look. One day at a time I guess.

For breakfast I had an omelette with ham and a little guacamole on top. 2.4g carbs.
I completely forgot to eat lunch because I was busy running around!
For dinner I had two burger patties with lettuce and tomato. 4.7g carbs.
Today total is 7.1g carbs. Way under my goal of 20g carbs!

I can’t wait for weigh in day since I have been limiting my dairy intake everyday. Hopefully it will get me out of this stall I have been in for the past few weeks.


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