Day 26- Easter/ Moms birthday!


I had another good night if sleep. I don’t know what’s been different these past few nights but I like it!

I worked on a smartboard presentation almost all day trying to get ready to teach on Tuesday. It turned out pretty well! I think my class will really like it!

Today is not only Easter but my moms birthday too! After church we are going to have a BBQ and make a cake for her. My sister made deviled eggs which I absolutely love! But she made it with miracle whip which has too many carbs for just one egg. So I had to pass sadly. I was also surrounded by candy and cake all day. I just wanted one piece of candy and cake!  It took everything I had not to lick frosting off the side of my finger. I didn’t give in which was hard. So I guess it kind of a non-scale victory!

I didn’t have breakfast until around 1. So I guess it would be lunch. I even woke up early and just did not eat. For some reason this diet makes me not have an appetite.
But for lunch I had scramble eggs with a little bit of salsa on top. 5.4g carbs for the whole lunch.
For dinner I had 3 bunless burgers with pickles, tomatos, and mustard and 2 hot links. Dinner had 13.2g carbs.
Total for the day I had 18.6g carbs!

I didn’t drink too much water today.
I drank 67oz today.


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