Day 23- No power/ no loss no gain


We literally had no power all night last night. A tree branch fell and ripped the power lines out of our house but not enough to knock the power out. We had the fire department banging on our door at 10:30 at night. Tell us what happened because we had no clue. We were getting ready to go to sleep. The house could have caught on fire which is completely scary! Thank goodness our neighbors saw and called the fire department. The electric people did have to shut off our power off for the night though. Let’s just say it was a stressful and freezing cold night/morning. We did not get power back on until around 4!

I went to my practicum class from 10:30 to 3:30. You don’t know hectic until you’ve been in an elementary school after an assembly but I love every second I spend at that school. I actually get to teach my class twice next week! I’m pretty nervous and excited about it.

I also weighed myself this morning. I did not gain anything but I did not loose anything either. I think I am going to start limiting my dairy intake also. Some people say that cheese can make weight loss stall.

For breakfast I didn’t make very good choices. I had a grilled chicken salad with 2 blue cheese dressing. I also had chili cheese tater tots. I’m not going to let it effect my entire day. The carb count of the salad was 9.8g carbs.
I had a diet Dr pepper for lunch. 0g carbs.
For dinner we had chicken legs with pork rinds breading. 0g carbs.
I know I went over on my carbs with the tater tots but for the good carbs I ate I only at 9.8g carbs for the day! 

I did not have much water at all today. I only had 48 oz so far.

It has been an extremely busy and stressful day. I’m so happy it is over and it’s the weekend now! I will definitely get back on track tomorrow! I just have to make good choice and think about the end result not the temporary craving.

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