Day 22- middle of the week!


I am so happy this week is almost over. It’s already been a long week and it’s not over with yet! I had one left class for the week then I have to go to my class for practicum tomorrow. I’m just ready for this semester to be over!

Today is just not my day!  I almost fell asleep in my sociology class and I almost got in a wreck leaving campus. Also I almost ate a pop tart and some potato salad today. I didn’t though but I really wanted to. I know I just have to get over this phase where I want to give up and go back to how I used to eat. I just have to keep reminding myself if the benefits of dieting.

For breakfast I had 2 string cheeses. 2g carbs.
For lunch I had sloppy Joe meat. It had manwich sauce, a little bit of mustard, and a little bit of cheese. 6.5g carbs.
For a snack I had 3 scrambled eggs. 1.1g carbs.
For dinner I had pork loin with buffalo sauce. 0g carbs for dinner.
Total I ate 9.6g carbs for the day. Way under my daily goal.

I drank a lot of water today.  I drank 156oz! 


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