Day 18


I slept in a little later then normal. I woke up around 8 and laid in bed for an hour. I was so tired but I couldn’t get back to sleep.

Instead of the gym today I went over to my best friend Sarahs house and played dance central on the Xbox. Dance central is a game where you have to dance for points. It’s pretty fun and a pretty good workout!

For breakfast I had 5 scrambled eggs with a little cheese, light sour cream, and guacamole! It was delicious. Total it had 5.9
For a snack I had 3 string cheese. These were 3g carbs total.
For lunch I had a grilled chicken salad with jalapenos and 2 blue cheese dressing pouches. Thanks to Ms Dean!!
For dinner we had steak with fried pickles. The pickles were crusted with pork rinds. Dinner had 0g carbs!

I drank a bunch of water today!  I drank 140oz today and I’ll probably have one more bottle before I go to sleep.

I love the feeling of putting on clothes and realizing that they fit. I put on a shirt that is always too tight to wear today and it fit!  I’m so relieved that I can see progress! This is the first diet I have actually stuck to and I’m making progress with. I’m so thankful for everyone that has been supporting me through this.  I do not want to live another day like I used to.


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