Day 16- A little set back


Well I got up early to weigh myself this morning but turns out my moms scale hasn’t been working correctly. I steps on it and it said I gained ten pounds. I stepped off then it said I lost 5. So I decided I was going to buy a new one so it could be a little more reliable. I bought one from Walmart and I went ahead and weighed myself even though I had already eaten something for the day. I will also weigh myself in the morning so I can know how much I really do weigh.

After I weighed myself it said I gained .4 lbs which is not that bad but not a loss. Also that was after I ate breakfast. So I will weigh myself in the morning before I eat or drink anything.

I didn’t go to the gym. I keep putting it off for some reason. I did walk around Kmart and Walmart with my best friend Sarah. Me and her are also went out to the mountains and went exploring. I do have to get back to the gym because that’s probably why I didn’t lose this week.

For breakfast I had 4 scrambled eggs with a little bit of cheese. 3.5g carbs total.
For lunch I had a grilled chicken salad with blue cheese dressing. Total had 8.1g carbs.
For dinner I had cheddar bacon chicken. 1.8g carbs.
I had 12.4g carbs all day! Way under my 20 limit for the day!

I still did not drink much water and that could be why I’m not losing much weight. Tomorrow I will start hydrating as soon as I wake up. I have to get back on track!!

I still feel really good about this diet. I know there will be good weeks and bad weeks but it will end up worth it in the end!



2 thoughts on “Day 16- A little set back

  1. Water is a biggie. I had a period of time that I just wasn’t getting enough water. I was walking, eating right and still the scale wasn’t moving in my favor. General rule for water; drink half your body weight in Oz. Now there’s an even better reason to lose, you drink less 🙂
    Once I started drinking enough water the lbs started coming back off. The body fills up making you less hungry. It flushes you out. Just be careful not to drink too much. It can make you lethargic. You flush out the good stuff too. I did that, no fun 😦 It was right before the last 5k I participated in.
    I’m happy for you that you are doing this. You have a great support. I know you can do it.

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