Whipped cream pie!


This is a 0 carb dessert!! Well its not really a pie but it’s delicious! Just a few ingredients too!

First you will need to make your own whipped cream but I promise it’s not as bad as you think and its really easy!

This recipe is to make two pies.
All you need is:

3 cups heavy whipping cream

3 tbsp of artificial sweetener

2 packages of your favorite sugar free jello mix.

You will also need a hand mixer and two pie pans.

How to make your own whipped cream!

This is super simple all you do is take a chilled bowl pour in your sweetener and your heavy whipping cream.

Then you turn on your hand mixer and mix it until it looks like whipped cream.  It takes around 10-15 minutes.

3 cups of heavy cream will make 6 cups of whipped cream.

Once you have whipped cream, put equal amounts in each of your pie pans.

Now pour one package of sugar-free jello mix on top. I find cherry and strawberry jello still tastes sweet, so I tend to use those more.

Mix it up until all the powder is gone then let it set in the fridge for about 30 mins.

Also there is a reason you should make your own whipped cream instead of buying pre-made. Pre-made is loaded with sugar and some ingredients I can’t pronounce. Plus there are 2g carbs per 2 tbsp in pre-made whipped cream which could eat away at your carb limit for the day

I think this recipe is delicious and perfect for a low carb. If you ever have a craving for something sweet go to this recipe!

Here’s what me and my husbands look like! Mine is strawberry and my husbands is lime!


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