Day 13- First day of spring break!


I actually slept in longer then usual today. I usually wake up around 6 in the morning but today I woke up around 8:30. It was also the first day of spring break! 

I got up and got dressed, ate my usual breakfast,  and went to the gym! I went 1.6 miles on the elliptical. I also burned 330 calories! I’m determined to see more then 3 pounds off if the scale this week!

After the gym I picked my best friend up and went to play  monopoly at my sisters house! It was a pretty fun way to end the day!

For breakfast as always I had two string cheeses. 2g carbs each!
For lunch I had 4 scrambled eggs with a little bit of salsa and cheese. 5g carbs total.
For a snack I had pork rinds with cheese and salsa. This had 8g carbs in it.
For dinner I had two pork chops with pepper Jack cheese on top with hot sauce. 2g carbs for all my dinner.
My food for the whole day was 17g carbs!

I drank a good amount of water today.  I drank 80oz and still going to drink more after I post this.

Spring break is off to a good start!


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