Day 10- I’m not sick anymore!


Thank goodness I am not sick anymore. I woke and felt like normal except for my ears. It felt like I had ear buds in and I couldn’t take then out. Also I am losing my voice! Honestly I’ll take that over hardly being able to swallow! I’m so excited to be feeling better considering I have a lot of errands to run today and I have to help with my church’s spring cleaning tomorrow.

First errand I did today was grocery shopping. Soon I will make a post about how I plan meals for the week. I went and got my sister and my niblings ( her children).

Around 12 my sister and I decided we would go to the city and go shopping for her kids some clothes. For those of you that don’t live in Oklahoma the city means Oklahoma City. I planned not to cheat while we were there.

So I forgot to eat breakfast this morning. This a weird feeling considering I never forget to eat meals!
Lunch I had 2 McDonald’s quarter pounders without ketchup and without a bun. 6.9g carbs.
For dinner we had Joe’s crab shack which I may have went over with dessert but I’ve been good all week I can splurge once.

Today I haven’t get back to being hydrated! I started as soon as I woke up. Today I drank 80oz. Still not great but more then I have been.

Today was a fun day in the city.  I bought some clothes and a hair curler! I’m ready to back on track from being sick.


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