Day 9- 90 more to go!


I woke up feeling a lot better this morning!  My fever is down. My throat is still really sore and I’m coughing but I’m not too miserable.

Today was weigh in day!  I lost another 3 pounds which is not bad considering I felt like I was dying all week and haven’t gone to the gym. I’m very excited about this.  I’ve lost 10 pounds in less then a month! I’ve never lost this much in this short mount of time. Once I get completely better and I start going to the gym again I’m sure I will lose more! This way of eating has given me hope!

For breakfast I had 3 scrambled eggs with a little bit of cheese and salsa. Total my breakfast had 4.4g carbs.
For lunch I had scrambled eggs again because they were so good at breakfast. I had then with a little bit of cheese. Then wholey guamole’s Pico and guacamole combo and a little bit of light sour cream. Total my lunch had 10.2g carbs. It’s a little high but still under my daily carb limit.
For dinner we had chicken tenders breaded in pork rinds. Dinner had 0g carbs!
For the whole day I had 14.6g carbs!

I haven’t had much water today. It still hurts to swallow anything bit. I’ve only had about 40oz today and a diet Pepsi. Tomorrow I have to get hydrated again. Being sick definitely threw me off track but I’m going to get right back on!

If there are any recipes you would like to see me make or attempt to make please leave a comment and I will do my best to try!


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