Day 8- Miserable


Well I am still sick! I’m starting to think I have strep throat. I just don’t feel good at all!  I’m so thankful for my husband though. He has been taking care of me as best he can.

Sick or not tomorrow I have to suck it up.  I have my student teaching interview which I can’t miss.

I still have not gone to the gym this week because I don’t want to get anyone else sick. I just want this to go away so I can get back on track. I am proud of myself that I have stayed on this diet while I’m sick because I honestly just want some chicken noodle soup and some chocolate but I haven’t given in!

I am actually really excited about tomorrow. It’s weigh in day. I really hope I have lost some weight this week. I haven’t had a cheat day so far.

Honestly I have not left bed all day. Everytime I stand up I get dizzy. It hurts to swallow anything. I am absolutely miserable at the moment.  I need to get better. I don’t have insurance so I cannot go to the doctor.

For breakfast I had two pepper Jack string cheeses which are 2g carbs for both.
I didn’t eat lunch which I know isn’t good but im hurting.
For dinner I had pulled pork with a little bit of cheese instead of traditional BBQ sauce. My dinner had 1.5g carbs. I didn’t eat that much dinner maybe just half a cup. For all of today I had 3.5g carbs total.

Praying I start feeling better soon because this no joke. Also I hope my best friend is OK. She is at the hospital and they have to do an ultrasound.


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