Day 7- one week down 51 more to go


I am so happy that I have stayed consistent for a week.  I don’t even feel like I am on a diet. Well one week down and 51 to go!

I feel much better today then I did yesterday. I was able to get up and run errands. I still haven’t gone to the gym cause Ive been coughing still and I can barely breath. Sadly if I am not better by tomorrow I have to suck it up and go be an adult! I just want to get better.

Even though I didn’t go to the gym today I still walked more then I thought I did. Yesterday I only walked 301 steps cause I was in bed all day. Today I walked almost 3000 which is way more then I thought considering I’m still sick.

For breakfast I had a salad that had chicken, ham, and hard boiled eggs, with creamy ranch. It was one of those pre-made salads from wal-mart. I also had a diet Dr pepper. It had 7g carbs.
For lunch I went to my favorite restaurant Los Tres Amigos. I had the beef fajitas without rice,  beans, or tortillas. I did eat too much sour cream which made me go over my carbs for the day by a couple. I also had a fried chile relleno with cheese on the inside. I took the outside breaded coating off and ate the poblano pepper and cheese. All of this was worth it though! Total my lunch had 14.6g carbs.
For dinner I just had a couple pork chops with melted pepper Jack cheese on top with hot sauce. Total dinner had 1.2g carbs total.
For the whole day I had 22.7g carbs which I am okay with. It could have been a lot worse with all fixings at lunch.

I haven’t had much water at all today. I had a cup of water at lunch and that was it. I’m going to try and drink a few bottle between now and when I go to bed.


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