Onion rings!


The sound of low carb onion rings just makes my mouth water because I absolutely love onion rings!  Well this recipe did not turn out like I wanted at all. Better believe I still ate them though!

First I will tell you how to make it then I will tell you how they turned out!

For this recipe you will need

1-2 onions (depending on how many you want to make!)

1 bag of pork rinds

2 eggs

Oil for frying

1 gallon plastic storage bag

Here’s how to make it:

First you need to heat enough oil in a pan to fry your onion rings.

While the oil is heating, put half of your pork rinds in the storage bag. Then crush the pork rinds up until they look similar to bread crumbs.  (you won’t be able to get them as finely ground as bread crumbs). Then pour it on to a plate.

Next crack the two eggs into a bowl. Add salt and pepper then beat the eggs until they are a solid color.

Then cut your onions into rings as thin or as thick as you like.

Now take your onions dip them into the eggs. Next dip them in the bread crumbs until they are coated.

Now make sure your oil is hot enough put one of your onion rings in. (I suggest using a fork to put the onion rings in and take them out). If the oil starts bubbling around the onion ring it’s hot enough. If not then your oil isn’t hot enough. 

Now once you put your onion rings in, you can tell that they are done when they start to float to the top. When you take them out put them on paper towels to get the grease off and salt them.

That is how to make them but here is how they turned out for me.

So I did everything that the instructions said to do and I hoped that they would turn out amazing. Sadly they did not.

First none of the coating stuck to the onion rings and what’s did stick was a thin layer of pork rinds. So I coated them as best I could and put them in the oil to fry them. What little coating was on them fell off into the oil. So when they came out there was only a tiny bit of pork rinds left on them. They smelled like onion rings though.  After they cooled off they surprisingly tasted like onion rings but they had the texture of grilled onions.

Eve though they didn’t turn out exactly how I wanted them to I would definitely eat them again if I were craving onion rings!

If you have an suggestions on recipes I should try to make please leave a comment and I will try them out!  🙂


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