Day 6-sick day!


Well I am sick. I woke up and I felt like crap.  My throat was scratchy and my voice was gone. I couldn’t even make myself get up for class.

I literally sat on the couch all day and took some naps.   I didn’t go to the gym. Im really hoping this is over pretty quick so I can get back on track. I hate being sick.

I did OK on eating today.
For breakfast I had two pepper Jack string cheese and a hard boiled egg. This had 3.1g carbs.
For lunch I had tuna salad. Just tuna and mayo. Bad choice for being sick. My lunch didn’t have any carbs.
For dinner my husband made Taco bowls. With dinner I had light sour cream, guamole, and lettuce which all has carbs. This added up to 8.5g carbs.
Today’s total 11.6g carbs for the whole day.

I am proud of myself my husband bought me some soup to make me feel better but it had 34g carbs for one can.  He is going to eat it for breakfast tomorrow.

After burning up and sleeping most all day it’s been rough and I have to run errands and do school stuff tomorrow. I am praying I feel better!

I didn’t drink much water today even tough I should have been I’ve been getting leg cramps all day again. I drank 40oz of water and a diet Dr Pepper today.


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