Day 5


I woke up at around 6 this morning even though my alarm was set for 8. I usually wake up at 6:30 everyday for class without an alarm clock so I guess it carries over to the weekend. I hate this internal alarm clock I have! Well after I woke I decided to eat some breakfast and then go to the gym before church.

I got to the gym and it was perfect. There were only like 5 people there working out. So I stretched then I got on the elliptical. Today’s when I got up 5 mins for the next week so I did 20 minutes. I burned 260 calories and went 1.25 miles!  Then I did leg weights and arm weights. I really pushed myself this morning especially to get out of bed and come to the gym. I’m really proud of myself!

There was so much temptation to cheat today. My sister and best friend went and bought doughnuts. I wanted to get one so bad but I didnt. Then we were going to have a family dinner but what my sister was going to make has a ton of carbs in it. I decided it’s just easier to cook at home and know that I’m having a low carbs dinner.

I also started to feel sick around 3 this afternoon so I hope I am not getting the flu or anything!

For breakfast I had two pepper Jack string cheese. I usually have this for breakfast everyday. Total to 2g carbs.
For lunch I had a small bag of cheese cubes and also a small chefs salad that had ham chuncks, bacon crumbles, and chopped up eggs. My lunch all together had 7g carbs.
For dinner I made a low carbs chicken Parmesan with carbonara sauce. I will post this recipe soon. Dinner had 8g carbs total.
For all my meals today I had 15g carbs which is under my goal!

I did not drink as much water as usual today even I should have since I’m getting sick. I only drank 60oz and I will probably drink one more bottle in between now and when I go to bed. So I will be at 80oz for the day.


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