Day 4


Saturdays are my favorite day of the week! It’s the day when me and my best friend go grocery shopping and usually end up hanging out all day.

Well no gym today. I figured I would give my leg a rest day. I still had small cramps in them last night but not nearly as bad as the night before. At least I got some exercise running round doing errands! Grocery shopping, dress shopping,  and picking stuff up at Hobby Lobby for my graduation pictures.  I will at least get some steps in! I will definitely be back at the gym tomorrow.

Well I went to go pick my best friend up who lives right beside my favorite doughnut shop. I wanted to go in and get one so bad but I didn’t. I know I’ve said this before but 60% of any diet is just not giving in. This is the first diet where I feel like its easier not to give into because there are so many different food choices.

I did okay on eating today.
I skipped breakfast and did not eat until after noon. For lunch I wanted to grab something quick. So we got McDonald’s. I got two quarter pounders with cheese,  no ketchup,  no bun. Together it was 7.5g carbs.
I also had a tuna salad and a few hard boiled eggs for a snack. This was 5g carbs.
For dinner I had low carb chili in portabella mushroom caps. This was 9.g carbs.
Over all today I went over my 20g carb goal.  I actually had 21.5g carbs. Im not really worried about it since it was only 1.5g over.

I did not drink much water to even I should have because it’s hot outside. I did drink 80 oz and I will probably drink another bottle of water that is 20 oz before I get ready for bed.



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