My top 10 low carb snack list!


Throughout the day I am a huge snack person. On this diet I am constantly eating but its all has little or no carbs in them. Here are a list of snacks that me and my husband love.

  1. String cheese- My favorite string cheese is pepper jack. I saw them in the store two weeks ago and I am in love. They are quick and easy to grab on the go. I usually have two every morning for breakfast because I can eat them on the way to class. Most brands of string cheese has 1g carb per stick.
  2. Sugar-free jello- Jello is the first thing I grab when I go grocery shopping. It has to be sugar-free for this diet. I have found that the lime and cherry flavors taste sweet even though there is no sugar in them. Sugar-free jello has 0g carbs! Eat as much jello as you want!
  3. Hard- boiled eggs- Travis does not like these as much as I do. Usually I buy a whole 18 count of eggs, boil them, and put them in a ziplock storage bag. I just grab on when I want a quick snack. You can even make deviled eggs with real mayo (has to have 0 carbs, no miracle whip), a little bit of mustard, and paprika. Eggs have around .6g carbs per egg!
  4. pork rinds- In my house we go through so much pork rinds. Travis loves them as snacks since he cant have potato chips anymore. No only are they good for a snack you can also use them when cooking meals. I usually crush them up and use them as breading on chicken tenders, onion rings, and even in meat loaf. You can get many different flavors. I like the sweet heat bbq ones and Travis like the chili lime ones. Pork rinds have 0g carbs in them. So they are perfect for this diet!
  5. Canned tuna- I loved canned tuna before I even started this diet. I usually make tuna salad for a snack or lunch. Just 2 cans of tuna, 2 tsbps mayo, and 1/2 a pickle and its delicious! Tuna salad only has 2g carbs!
  6. Pickles- I personally love pickles. The only thing with pickles is that you have to read the label of the brand you are getting. Depending on what kind of brine the brand uses for their pickles could have more carbs them another. I know for a fact that Mt Olive whole pickles have 1g carbs per 1/4 of a pickle and the Great Value brand has 1g carbs for a whole pickle.
  7. Pepperoni chips- Travis absolutely loves pepperonis. Most pepperonis have 0g or 1g carbs (depends on the brand). Even the ones that do have 1g carbs per serving the serving size is between 10-17 pepperonis so it is still a lot for that 1g carb.
  8. Lunch meat roll-ups- This is something we have probably all done as a kid when you are hungry and your mom says go make a sandwich then you find there is no bread. Lunch meat with cheese rolled up in the middle. Ive found that freshly cut meat and cheese from the deli has a lot less carbs because the packaged lunch meat could have carbs from what they are packed in for self life. The lunch meat has 0g carbs and cheese usually has between 0g or 1g carbs. Perfect snack!
  9. Bacon- Who does not love bacon! From the app that I use to keep track of my carbs bacon has .1g carbs per slice.
  10. Baked zucchini- Im the only one that likes zucchini in my house but I could snack on it all day long. You could also make Parmesan zucchini which you can find in the recipes section! A whole medium zucchini has 4.4g carbs.

Well here is my low carb snack list! Hopefully this will help you get an idea of some snacks you can buy. My biggest advice to someone starting this diet is research how to read your labels!


3 thoughts on “My top 10 low carb snack list!

  1. Here’s a good breakfast that you can fix the night before and grab on the run.
    This one is Mango but I like to use bananas and and other fruits too.

    Mango Coconut Chia


    1 c. unsweetened coconut milk

    1 c. mango puree

    1/2 c. chia seeds


    Quickly pulse mango puree in a food processor or blender, to remove any chunks or stringiness. This makes for a more attractive pudding.
    Stir together mango puree and coconut milk in a medium-sized mixing bowl.
    Add chia seeds and combine thoroughly.
    Cover and chill for 3-4 hours, stirring occasionally.

    I also and stevia when I use bananas for added sweetness


      • Good point. I cut back so much on carbs the rest of the day I didn’t think about it. You can make it without fruit too.
        I seen a recipe that you can freeze them like a popsicle too. Mmmmm 🙂


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