Day 3


This morning I wanted to just lay in bed all day and do nothing. I had painful leg cramps last night. I woke up from a dead sleep almost wanting to cry they hurt so bad. On one of the low carbs groups I’m in I made a post asking how to stop them and a lot of people said pickle juice, avocado, and salt. I definitely have to get a lot more salt in my diet. I do not want these cramps to happen again.

After I laid in bed for like an hour I finally got up and went to the gym. I made sure I stretched my legs as good as I could. Then I did 15 minutes on the elliptical. I was tempted to do 20 but where my leg was cramping last night started to hurt. I burned 200 calories and went a little over a mile.  I started to do weights but I was just to tired but at least I did cardio for a little bit!

Eating went fairly well today. I almost forgot to eat breakfast before I left for the gym. So I grabbed a pickle and ate that real quick. I put it in my carb tracking app and the brand I got has 4g carbs per pickle!  I will definitely have to look at labels better when I go grocery shopping!

For lunch I had tuna salad. It has canned tuna, real mayo, and 1/2 or a pickle.  My whole lunch had 2g carbs. Not bad at all.

For dinner we had pizza casserole. It’s soo good. I will post the recipe for this next week! Travis loves it because it has all the ingredients of pizza but just in a casserole with no crust. I usually make them in separate aluminium trays. One tray has 7g carbs!

Then for dessert sugar-free cherry jello!  This has 0 carbs also 0 calories.

Today I had 13g carbs total!

I have been forgetting to track my water intake each day but I will start adding that too. Today I drank 120oz. so far and the day is not over yet!

Overall today I feel really good!



5 thoughts on “Day 3

  1. Pickle juice is good for carbs but be careful of the sodium. Add foods with higher potassium … oranges … avocados … leafy greens … and yes bananas.
    Something I was recently advised of that is a good thing to do, have some protein within 45 minutes of your work. It gives you better results. I keep peanut butter or protein shake handy. They are both quick and easy if you are on the run. My favorite protein drink is Vcore. It has a good flavor with water or my favorite healthy beverage.
    I’m so glad you made it to the gym.


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