Day 2- 93 to go!


Today is the first day that I did not have to wake up early for my Educational psychology class but I guess I have an internal alarm clock because I was awake at 6:45 and could not get back to sleep. Thursday’s are usually busy for me because I have to observe at a school for my practicum class 1 to around 4:20. Now that I don’t have class in the morning I can start going to the gym when there are not a lot of people there.  There’s nothing I hate more then a crowded gym. I always get self conscious when there are a lot of people there. I go to the planet fitness here and I actually like it.

After I got up and got ready to go to the gym I had to wait for my sister to wake up so I could go to my moms house so I could use her scale. I usually weigh myself once a week. I have been doing this low carb diet for two weeks now. I am down 7lbs from two weeks ago!  I am so excited because I’ve never really lost weight before! It shows that you don’t have to starve yourself to lose weight!

After I weighed myself I went to the gym.  At the perfect time where hardly anyone was there!  I stretched then got on the elliptical for 15 minutes and burned 200 calories. Then I did a few legs weights and a few arm weights. I left feeling good and also extremely tired!

I went to observe my class for practicum and it’s was one of the girls birthdays. So of course her parents brought cupcakes. I was so tempted to have one because they looked delicious but I didnt given in. I swear 60% of a diet is just not giving in.  I’m proud of myself for not taking one.

It’s was not a very good day eating wise not because I ate carbs but I just forgot to eat. For breakfastI had my usual two pepper Jack string cheeses. 2g carbs total.
I completely forgot to eat lunch! That’s never happened before. Then for dinner I am going out with my best friend for her birthday which was yesterday! I plan on not eating carbs with dinner! It’s always hard to eat out on this diet but it’s not impossible. You just have to improvise a little bit.

I would say over all day 2 was pretty successful! 7lbs down and 93 to go!!


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