Day 1


Well today is the first day that I am blogging about my day. Today also happens to be one of the most stressful days of my semester. I had one final and one test this morning then one more test tonight and I am stressing out about it. All I really wanted to do is come home and eat something.comforting. This would usually be frozen Asian wraps which have rice, pineapple, peas, chicken, and carrots wrapped up in a tortilla. These are loaded with calories and a ton of carbs. So this means it is not a good choice. I recently got rid of any kind of grain or anything with a lot of carbs in my house. So I tried to make cream cheese pancake which you can read about in the post in my recipe section. Lets just say they did not work out. So I had to find something else to make.

Last week I made Parmesan zucchini which was absolutely delicious so I decided to make it again. I hate to make it quickly so my husband would not eat all the cheese before I put it in the oven. My husband absolutely loves cheese. It usually the first thing to go after I buy groceries each week. So I made Parmesan zucchini and it only had 6.4g carbs for the whole tray which was two medium zucchinis and a whole tub of Frigo parmesan cheese. It was so good I could literally eat it all day.

As for exercise today I did not go to the gym because my husband stayed home sick so I wanted to be here to make sure he was okay. I also may do these workout videos I found online. (will link at the bottom). They are workouts that go to popular music. Its not as good of a workout as I would get at the gym but its better than not doing anything. This guy has a bunch of different workouts that go with any genre of music even country.

Here are the workouts I like to do!



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